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Hugh plays lead drum in a performance with Mahealani Uchiyama at Dancetera.

From "A Walk by the Sea" by Mahealani Uchiyama. An instructor of traditional Hawaiian and Tahitian dance for almost 30 years, Mahealani created Pahupahu as a way to recognize the duality of being an African-American Kumu Hula. The dance is a fusion of Tahitian 'ote'a (with 'ote'a choreography inspired by Les Grands Ballet de Tahiti) and the West African rhythms of Lamba (for healing) and Manjiani (for celebration). This performance is a celebration and call of support for all of us who walk in two worlds.

Ras Mo, Akinde & Hugh Humphrey performance at Music of the Word series.

Oakland poet, musician and activist Avotcja Jiltonilro hosts the series Music of the Word every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at The Other Change Of Hobbit in Oakland.

Udu (Igbo), Bata (Yoruba) Udu-Igbah plays like Tabla.


The art of udu drum playing by Kenneth Nash, Hugh Humphrey, Marquinho Brazil and Joe Agu.
The Udu originated among the Igbo ethnic group in the east of Nigeria, while the Bata drum originated among the Yoruba tribe in the west.
Joe Agu is of Igbo heritage and the inventor of the patend Udu with drum head makes the authentic Udu drums of various models. The udu drums made by Rhythms is the musicians choice over the years. The Bata Udu is the mother of any Udu out there, this piece of art is a combination of two cultures.

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